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About Lattice

We are a global alternative investments specialist firm. We search, analyze, select, and represent thematic alternative investment opportunities.
We offer? 


We have years of experience, several of those working together at J.P. Morgan, providing investors with timely access to global multi asset investment opportunities, from liquid markets to alternative and direct investments.

  • Extensive working experience in the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Worked with largest alternative asset managers in the world.

  • Advised family investment groups and institutional investors.

  • Executed significant and complex direct investment transactions.

Thematic Approach


We focus on a top-down thematic approach, understanding the macro challenges and opportunities, aiming to identify the sectors with secular trends. 

We are currently focus on the following themes:


  • Next Generation Finance

  • Efficient Energy

  • Agricultural, Food and Beverages

  • Life Science

  • Developing Middle Class

  • Global Logistics and Infrastructure

  • Steady Sources of Income

Bespoke Global Network


We have built and continue developing a bespoke network of global minded, savvy, connected, and experienced investors from the main global markets. We share experiences, knowledge, views, and ideas in order to access and execute unique and nimble alternative investment opportunities.

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